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Our fourth POSTCARDS video is released today, and evokes the dreaming heights of Beverley Minster. In that spectacular setting, Libby performs Amy Beach’s tender and virtuosic Dreaming:

Amy Beach was one of the greatest musicians of her generation, a prodigiously talented pianist as well as composer. In 1896 her Gaelic Symphony became the first symphony by an American woman to be published. Her teaching and performing were heavily restricted once she married, but following the death of her husband she resumed her work in earnest. Her music is gradually being more widely performed, and is surely worthy of a place right at the heart of the repertoire!

We’re delighted to hear that people have been enjoying this Postcards series so far. If you’ve missed any, or simply wish to refresh your memory, the complete library to date can be found here:

Next week there will be an intermission, before the final four releases in the series – but do watch this space instead for an exciting announcement on another topic!

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